Rather than trying to explain how the firm executes its services for its clients, the McGregor Design Group prefers to let their clients do the talking. The following are just a few statements from past clients. If you would like to see more – please feel free to contact the office of McGregor Design Group. They have many more to offer.

“Your maintenance of the critical project schedule, process and budget, through the running of national meetings through regularly scheduled conference calls, was key….We look forward to our next opportunity with your firm, to prove we can once again, ‘do the impossible’!”

Tracey Sullivan, Principal 
TMS Consulting Services

“Such a spectacular space delivers a tremendous sense of pride… Staff morale has improved tremendously… Visitors continually comment on the (office) transformation and its success in delivering an image that is world class”

Natashia Dunham, Six Sigma Group
Maple Leaf Foods

“Your dedication to this project does not simply exist in words – It exists in the very spirit of the building itself.”

Janet E. Stewart, Managing Partner
Lerners LLP

“Our best marketing tool is our office.”

Chris Strachan, President
The Bulldog Group

“Your research … and interest in really understanding our business translated into an educated, intelligent design, …while bringing together our three different companies colours and logos… We continually get complements… If we need additional work done in the future, we would be sure to bring you back.”

Laura P. White, C.M.A, Director Finance

“There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that we picked the best design consultants available in Toronto. We are absolutely delighted with our new home.”

Peter McBurney, Founding Partner
Sim & McBurney

“McGregor Design Group has a track record with legal firm design that is of value… in being able to work with us, as partners, in perfecting creative solutions… ensuring we get value for the investment we place in their services.”

Tina Pack, Human Resources and Facility Manager
Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

“From the outset, you and your team demonstrated professionalism and organization. These qualities were evident throughout every phase of our project. Our firm’s specific functional and performance goals …were all met…. It was a pleasure working with you and the McGregor Design team”

John Margie, Managing Partner
Glaholt LLP

“Your designs…capture the essence of Borden & Elliot, and help us make a statement of what we believe our firm represents. Nothing succeeds like success… we look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Norman L. Williams, Chief Operating Officer
Borden & Elliot

“MDG was an integral part of our success…. Their marketplace and design experience, professionalism and consistent team approach reached far beyond the floor-plan design aspects of our project. … MDG’s recommendations more than paid for themselves”

Sara Marriott, VP, Communications & Corporate Development
PPI Financial Group

“The forthright and efficient manner with which you used your professional skills to illicit information from the client, establish their program and budget, and maintain their sights on those objectives…. As a result of your personal efforts…that project became recognized as a benchmark within the Bank”

William A. Gallienne, Project Manager and Chief Risk Managing Officer
CIBC Development Corporation


McGregor Design Group
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