Tips and Trends

Tips and Trends

TIP - Renderings

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TREND - Moving Beyond Open Plan Spaces

PDF icon Moving Beyond Open Plan Spaces.pdf

TIP - Accessibility: Our Right and our Legal Right

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TIP - OBC Supplementary Standard SB-10 - "Energy Efficient Requirement", (Jan. 1, 2017)

PDF icon OBC Supplementary Standard SB-10.pdf

TIP - Financial Incentives Available for Facility Projects

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TIP - Consider the Benefits of Local Consultants

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TIP - ...Keep Employees Satisfied

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TIP - Increasing Sustainability Easily

PDF icon Increasing Sustainablity Easily.pdf

TIP - Doing your homework before contracting your Project Team

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TIP - Cost Effective High Density Storage

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TIP - Daylight Inspires Better Performance

PDF icon Daylight & Better Performance.pdf

TIP - Tenant Liability from Falling Luminaires

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TIP - Project Management: How best to cover these responsibilities for your Facility Project

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TIP - Lowest Price is usually not the Best Value

PDF icon Lowest Price usually not Best Value.pdf

TIP - Before making a Commitment...

PDF icon Before making a Commitment.pdf

TREND - How to Re-Purpose Space to Suit Current Trends (TLOMA)

PDF icon How to Re-purpose space _TLOMA_ - April 2012.pdf

TREND - Building Information Modelling (BIM) - Why does there seem to be resistance to this new technology?

PDF icon Building information modelling _BIM_ April 2012.pdf